Freshman Academy Ninth Grade




Core Courses




Mrs. M. Mark (x5139)

Accelerated English 9, Speech, and English 11

Ms. E. Quinn (x5243)

English 9 and English 11

Ms. K. Henry


AIS and English 9

Global Studies

Ms. N. Werner


Global Studies I and US History

Mr. J. Giordano


AP World History & Geography


Ms. K. Wallace


Math A, Algebra, Business Math

Mrs. M. Gregorius


Math A1


Mr. B. Lewis


Earth Science

Mr. D. Griffing


Phys. Sc. 1 and Green House



Encore Courses


AIS Mrs. J. Bligh (x5025) and Ms. Henry (x)


Mrs. B. Hoefen (x5103) & Mrs. Forsythe (x5073)
Business Ms. T. Applin (x5004)
Computer Applications Mr. S. Curtis (x3313)
French Ms. T. Colon (x5255)
Music Mr. G. Standish (x5204)
Spanish Ms. S. Muscarella (x5163)
Special Education

Ms. A. Pagnotta (x5151)

Mr. J. Patton (x5165)
Mr. T. Conway (x5045)

Mrs. H. Englert (x5273)





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