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The information presented on this site was the result of a public forum held April 26th at Wayland-Cohocton Central School. If you would like additional information or have questions, please see the contact page for assistance.


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Looking for help to keep your kids safe on the internet?
Here are some great ideas!
  • Keep computer in an open area.
  • Communicate with your child.
  • Become part of your child's online experience.
  • Respect your child's privacy.
  • Regularly review computer files.
  • Teach children responsible use of online resources.
  • Talk to children about online dangers.
  • EDUCATE YOURSELF on ins and outs of Internet.
  • Talk with other parents.
  • Let your kids know that responsible adults do not pursue relationships with minors.
Teach kids to:
  • "Think before you click."
  • Use "the filter between their ears."
  • Walk away from the computer and "take five" before responding.
  • Avoid spreading rumors, assisting in cyber-bullying.
  • Follow golden rule of cyberspace; don't do anything online that you wouldn't do in real life.
Other Points to Ponder:
  • Look up your child on MySpace and "Google" him/her at least once a week.
  • Spread the news to your family. You could easily find your children's cousin's too!
  • Make sure kids do not give their workplace if they have one.
  • If you have college-age children, search for them on facebook.com.
  • Make sure your child's MySpace is not his instant messenger name.
  • Other less common social networking sites to check for your children are LiveJournal.com; Xanga.com; and Blogger.com.
  • You can control access to sites using the parental controls of your service provider (ie, AOL, Roadrunner, etc.)
Remember, as a parent it is okay to say "no" to internet use. If you are uncomfortable with your ability to protect your children, limit it to just with supervision or not at all.