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 The Perfect PTA

If we are looking for the ingredients for the perfect PTSA what would we look for? Here are some thoughts on what we need for the ideal PTA.

  • Members who believe that the PTSA is an important organization for the support of the welfare and education of children; who attend meetings, offer opinions and ideas, do not criticize without offering help and solutions, are willing to participate in programs and become chairmen whenever possible, and support the school and PTSA by presenting a positive example to children.

  • School administrators, Board of Education, teachers and staff who believe that the PTSA is a vital organization meant to be an assent, not a nuisance, who help to guide, value and support the goals and objects of the PTSA.

  • A president who is tireless, enthusiastic, well-organized, knowledgeable of parliamentary procedures, committed to the objects of the PTSA, diplomatic and punctual.

  • A vice-president who is eager to learn, interested in growing as a PTSA leader, willing to assist as needed, knowledgeable of the PTSA organization and its goals and is eager to take advantage of opportunities to promote the PTSA.

  • A secretary who loves to write but understands that too many words are as bad as too few words, is champion speller, is reliable, knows and loves PTSA, is accurate, helpful, efficient and well-organized.

  • A treasurer who understands bookkeeping, is efficient, neat, honest, knows deadlines and respects them and knows the importance of record keeping.

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