Global History & Geography II

Course Information

Instructor: Ms. Kiley

40 Week Course (2 Semesters) - 1 High School Credit

Prerequisites: Global History & Geography I

Global History and Geography II is the second year of a two-year Regents course. A Regents exam is given at the end of the tenth grade that includes information learned in Global History and Geography I. This exam, as well as both years of the course, must be passed in order for the student to graduate high school. Units for Global History and Geography II include, An Age of Revolutions (1750-1914)-political, social and economic as well their effects, a Half-Century of Crisis and Achievement-covers the period of and between the World Wars, the 20th Century since 1945 - modern world history and its global effects, Global Connections and Interactions-ties together the 2 years of the course. There is a strong emphasis on the writing skills. Students will continue to master thematic and document based essays (DBQs) required by the Regents. By the completion of this course, students will have the necessary historical knowledge to be able to pass the Global History and Geography Regents examination and continue this success on the 11th grade American History course.