Greenhouse Science

Course Information

Instructor: Mr. Griffing

40 Week Course (2 Semesters) - 1 High School Credit

There are no prerequisites for this course. Alternate days will be spent in a traditional classroom and in the school's three thousand square foot handicapped accessible greenhouse lab. A minimum of 35 formal labs with a minimum of 1,400 minutes of lab time will be accomplished. The course consists of thirteen competency based units and eight long-term projects. The final exam will have four parts, each with equal value. These parts will involve content-based multiple choice questions assessing the student's knowledge and understanding of core material; multiple choice and constructed response questions based on content and skills taught and assessing the student's ability to apply, analyze, and evaluate material; extended response items with real world context; and questions based upon green- house work experiences and greenhouse labs. Upon completion of this course, students will have an awareness of greenhouse safety, structures, equipment, and management, as well as opportunities for employment that greenhouse work may bring.