Welcome to Wayland-Cohocton EnCompass - an after-school program for students in grades five through eight that meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:20 to 5:20.

EnCompass Extended Learning is a holistic approach to learning that includes tutoring, project-based learning and wellness and enrichment. Programming includes transportation and an after school snack. We want our students to be engaged in learning; asking questions, and understanding the importance of academic success as part of becoming lifelong learners.

At Wayland-Cohocton, EnCompass partners with the middle school to provide academically enriching after-school programming that supports individualized and inquiry-based learning in small group settings.

  • ACHIEVE: Extended Learning students progress on individual goals;
  • GROW: Extending Learning students show significant growth in social emotional attitudes and behaviors;
  • REACH: Hundreds of extended learning students served through six school and community partnerships;
  • EXPLORE: Extended Learning students receive additional 90-120 learning hours;

Resources for Learning develops and provides innovative educational services to students and to families, schools and professionals that support them. These services are matched to each student's unique learning style in order to prevent academic failure and enhance lifelong learning.

The EnCompass Approach:
  • Assess each student's strength and challenges;
  • Create an individualized plan for targeted, strength-based instruction;
  • Support social-emotional skills through trusting relationships and high expectations;
  • Align with Common Core Learning Standards, local & state education reforms, and best -practice efforts;
  • Data-driven instruction;
  • Positive reciprocal family engagement.
Wayland-Cohocton EnCompass has an enrollment of sixty students and features low teacher-to-student ratio. The local program includes project-based learning including the following:
  • Engineering & bioplastics group operating drones, creating bouncy balls and developing products from recycled items;
  • Natural disasters group delved into Google slideshows, "I Survived" stories, science labs, 3D models and videography;
  • Team building activities like "minute to win it" games were embraced by students and staff;
Wayland-Cohocton EnCompass also features two family nights to showcase student learning and projects. Targeted tutoring in English Language Arts (ELA) is also available at the Wayland-Cohocton program. A free snack is provided and transportation is available on the 5:45 p.m. bus run for students. Participants must apply, preferably at the beginning of the program, however, slots will be filled throughout the year, while they are still available. There are a total of 60 slots for the year. If you are interested but did not apply at the beginning of the year, contact Anne Baker (information below) to determine if any open slots exist.

*Information taken directly from EnCompass program materials.