EOP - Educational Opportunity Program - SUNY Colleges Only 

HEOP - Higher Education Opportunity Program - Private Colleges Only

HEOP at a Glance: 
The Higher Education Opportunity Program is designed to allow students who would not otherwise be able to attend colleges and universities to do so by providing financial and academic supports. For most of these programs students who apply must show the academic need by: 
  • Being below the general admissions criteria
  • Financial need by being within the guidelines provided by New York State
  • The motivation to succeed academically through an interview process
Once admitted, students must attend a summer program, usually about a month long, designed to increase math, reading and writing skills in order to prepare students for college level academic work. Throughout the school year students will be expected to meet with their HEOP counselors regularly to check in on academic and social progress. In many cases additional academic supports will be provided through tutoring and/or peer mentoring. The graduation rate for HEOP students is 59% compared to an average graduation rate of 56%. Students who enter an HEOP program graduate college with less than $23,500 in debt compated to the average student debt of $35,200. 

Students who graduate from Higher Education Opportunity Program also have services available after graduation to assist in finding employment. Therefore, these students are more likely to find jobs or continue with their education than the state average. 
(*Numbers provided by CNN.com, HEOP advisor for Five Towns College and collegecompletion.chronicle.com)

Additional helpful information can be found HERE.