Special Contributors Inductees

Frank Williams (Francis Guillaume) "The Voice of the Wayland-Cohocton Golden Eagles"

Frank Williams has been bringing sporting events alive in Wayland-Cohocton since 1978. His enthusiastic and compassionate presentation allows the listeners to feel the excitement and the emotions of the athletes. 

The Wayland-Cohocton athletes, coaches and community would like to thank Frank for his dedication and commitment to our athletes and our athletic program.

Tom Cox, Induction Class of 2010

In 1984, The Cohocton Sports Booster Club, Inc. was started and Tom was a board member. He has served as vice president ever since. In 1985, this organization developed the Cohocton Sports Complex, which today consists of two soccer fields, one football field, one baseball field and two softball fields. 

Since the beginning, Tom has been an integral part of this sports complex and continues to this day to volunteer his services to this beautiful facility. He starts int he spring with preparing the grounds and works continuously through till November. He organizes the concession stand, maintains the facility and acts as a first-aid person when necessary. He is the public relations person for the vents that take place at the complex. To date, there have been over 5,000 games played at this facility. 

Tom has helped organize many athletic events include the last Russian Baseball Olympic games which was played under the Soviet flag, several Olympic developmental programs, three state soccer finals, drum and bugle corps competition and makes arrangements for visiting teams from as far as Long Island to play at this complex. Since retiring from the Bath VA, Tom has volunteered countless hours at the Cohocton Sports Complex.