Census Data Form

​Wayland-Cohocton Census: New children in district

Do you have preschool children, ages 0-5 living in your household? Do you have school-aged children not enrolled in the Wayland-Cohocton Central School District? If you answered yes to either of these questions...we need your help!

The Wayland-Cohocton preschool and non-enrolled student census helps us to accurately project future class sizes, arrange future transportation routes, and allocate resources for our schools.

If you have any questions regarding completing the form, please call Census Director Dineen Snyder at 728-2211, ext. 3396, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and assistance.

Census Data Form Instructions

If you have preschool children or school-aged children not enrolled in the Wayland-Cohocton Central School District living in your household. Please complete the form below and send it back to the district office as soon as conveniently possible, so that we may update our school records 

  Student lives with (check all that apply):  


Guardian/Parent 1



Guardian/Parent 2


  Has this student or any siblings ever attended the Wayland-Cohocton School?

  Ethnic/Race (check one):


Please list, in order of birth, all children in this family.


Child 1

  If Foster Child, Please Check:  


Child 2

  If Foster Child, please Check: 


Child 3

  If Foster Child, please check: 


Child 4

  If Foster Child, please check:  


Child 5

  If Foster Child, please check:  


Child 6

  If Foster Child, please check:  
Check this box if you are moving out of the Wayland-Cohocton School District before September 1, 2017 

  Send a copy of the completed form to this email address :