A Curriculum Overview is a "Year at a Glance" document that provides a quick overview of what students will study throughout the school year for any given subject. Each document contains a main theme/topics, skills that will be under that theme, and a rough estimate of the approximate weeks of study for that theme. Themes are listed in the order they will be taught during the school year. Since curriculum is under constant review by the school district and the State Education Department these documents will be updated regularly. 

Since it is the mission of this school district to educate all students to attain high levels of academic performance we feel communication plays a large part in achieving this goal. Posting these overviews to the school website is just another tool we have to help keep you informed. We hope you find these documents useful in planning the school year with your child. If you have questions or comments please contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Rebecca Wager at  or at 585-728-2211.