Honor Seniors

Dylan Aldrich is the son of Ryan Aldrich. Dylan participated in indoor track. Dylan plans to get his personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

“The fitness center made a significant impact on my time at Wayland-Cohocton. I was able to exercise and eventually learn to like fitness and the lifestyle with it. Without the WC Fitness Center, I would have never wanted to become a personal trainer.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Kyle Allen is the son of Christine Allen and Ken Allen. Kyle has participated in varsity swimming, served as class treasurer and worked as a lifeguard. Kyle is also the owner of All Out Paintball in Cohocton and competes in that sport. Kyle plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering technology.

“Thank you to the best teacher, Mrs. Curtin! It was a long three years, but we got there finally!”

2019 Honor Seniors

Delaney Brehm is the daughter of Elaine Szoczei and Kurt Brehm. She has participated in National Honor Society, Eagle Pals and Freshman Mentoring. She has competed in varsity sports including soccer, basketball and softball. She has volunteered with the Wayland Food Pantry, Wreaths Across America, youth athletic tournaments, the Father-Daughter Dance and the Red Cross Blood Drive. Delaney is a church alter server, and has worked at summer enrichment, as a Summer Youth Soccer referee, and as a LPRA Park Counselor.

Delaney will attend St. John Fisher College and the Wegmans School of Nursing to study nursing with the intention of becoming a labor and delivery nurse. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue her education to become a nurse practitioner. She will also be playing on the women’s basketball team at St. John Fisher - #gocards!

“Mrs. Feinman is a strong woman who has influenced me. She may not realize it, but her guidance and friendship has helped me be the player, young woman and student I am today. As a young woman, it is important to have positive, strong women role models. Mrs. Feinman has guided, coerced and influenced me by encouraging me to be my best and to never be satisfied being average.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Alexandrea Duclos is the daughter of Rachel Page. She has been active in soccer, cheerleading, track and band. She also competes in travel soccer. Alexandrea will attend Monroe Community College to study radiology.

“Sports in general have made my high school experience special. Cheerleading has been one of the sports that has taught me many life lessons that I will carry on with me after high school.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Kevin Ebert is the son of Jennifer Ebert and Dean Ebert. Kevin has been active athlete competing in cross country, basketball, indoor track and baseball. Kevin plans to attend Alfred State College’s electrical program. He hopes to attend the NYS Trooper academy after college with the goal of being a NYS Trooper while keeping electrical as a back-up plan.

“Cross country has taught me a lot over the past four years. As it may have been more of an individual sport it felt like when we were all connected so well. It taught me to never give up and when you do badly that here will always be someone to back you because that is what a family does. Never giving up when times are tough like the final sprint comes or if you get a cramp; just never give up.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Joshua Fleishman is the son of Renee and Mike Fleishman. Joshua has been active with varsity tennis, drama club and yearbook club. He plans to study adolescent education at Keuka College.

“Mr. Lynah was a huge impact on my time here at WC. Not only did he help to foster my love for English, he was a good teacher and a great friend.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Tayler Hart is the daughter of James and Susan Hart. Tayler has been active in National Honor Society and the Freshman Mentoring program. She has competed with volleyball, basketball and softball. She has been active in the Girl Scouts program and been employed at the Food Mart and Ice Cream lsland. Taylor will attend Keuka College for early childhood education with hopes of becoming an elementary teacher. It has been her all-time goal in life. 

“My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Waltman, had the greatest impact on my life here at Wayland-Cohocton because she was the one who put the idea of becoming a teacher into my head. I may not have had that thought when I first started school but it developed and I am glad that it did. My band teacher, Mr. Ronan, also has a big impact in my WC life because I have had him since I was in 7th grade and it was so worthy going to every lesson and every band rehearsal with him because he was just so much fun and really gave me a new feeling of life. I am going to miss the walls of Wayland-Cohocton and all of the teachers too.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Benjamin Hawkins is the son of Joel and Maryann Hawkins. Ben has been active in drama club, band and served as a Freshman Mentor. Outside of school, Ben had been involved in Boy Scouts. Ben plans attend Finger Lakes Community College to study music recording technology.

“An event that happened to me that had a great impact on me was a trip to Minnesota through Scouts. This trip was a major step outside of my comfort zone. I was nervous while out there, but it was a lot of fun.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Charlotte Kennedy is the daughter of Eugene and Dawn Kennedy. She has competed in varsity volleyball and cheerleading. She has been a member of the National Honor Society and band.

Charlotte plans to attend Mansfield University to major in nursing. She wants eventually to become a mental health nurse practitioner.

“My cheerleading coaches throughout my cheerleading career have definitely made a significant impact on my time at WC. They have taught me to have fun and just to live in the moment. On a more serious note, they have taught me how to accept failure that life sometimes brings. To me, that is a very important aspect of life and something everyone needs to know in order to be successful person.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Jasmine Lang is the daughter of Betty Jo VanScooter. She has been active in tennis, basketball, track, marching band and served as a Freshman Mentor. She volunteers with the Springwater Fire Department.

“Passing my EMT exam has been a significant impact on my life because it proves that all the work I’ve put into high school and my other activities is worth it.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Colin Leonard is the son of Scott and Amber Leonard. Colin has participated in chorus. He will be attending Alfred University to get his MBA in finance.

“One significant thing that happened was when I was in Algebra 2 and doing badly. Mr. Toland noticed and helped me. After his help and me calming down, I managed to pass the class which was a HUGE accomplishment to me. It also meant a lot that Mr. Toland went the extra length to help me when I needed it.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Halie St. Martin is the daughter of Christina and Justin Wolcott. She has competed in volleyball and been active with drama club, performing in four plays. Halie is employed at Steuben Landscaping for the third year. Halie will be attending SUNY New Paltz for digital media production with an interest in filming music videos.

“The art program definitely helped me grow as a person and an artist. I learned a lot about life and myself by being in so many art classes. Being in drama club also made me gain a lot of friendships and confidence.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Cole Mehlenbacher is the son of Brandy Kinney and Shannon Mehlenbacher. Cole has participated in football, indoor track and golf. He plans to attend SUNY Morrisville to study marine biology in hopes of being a field biologist.

“Coach Knapp and Coach Chapman during football season had a significant impact in my life. They basically taught me now to not be a loser, the life lesson every person can learn.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Braydon Reamer is the son of Kristina and Robert Reamer. Braydon is a member of National Honor Society and yearbook club and competes with the golf team. He has been employed at Food Mart and volunteers at the church in Websters Crossing. He has participated in HOBY, Boy’s State and Stand-Up Leadership.

Braydon plans to attend SUNY Alfred’s welding program and get his SCUBA license while in college with hopes of becoming an underwater welder.

“My mother is someone that really made an impact on my time at WC. She really pushed me to do my best and take chances in my high school career. Because of her, I met the levels of academic success that I earned here with my time at Wayland-Cohocton.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Gabe Stenziano is the son of Kathy Stenziano and Gabe Stenziano. Gabe has competed in soccer, swimming and indoor and outdoor track and tennis. He has played in indoor soccer leagues and served as an altar boy. He has worked at the park in Atlanta. He will be attending SUNY Geneseo to become a high school biology teacher.

“Being part of the tennis team was so much fun. I always would look forward to the spring season for it. My favorite tennis memory is getting the chance to go to sectionals my senior year and having the chance to have fun with my friends after school.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Chandler Stevenson is the son of Ronda Stevenson and John Stevenson. Chandler competed in baseball. He also participates in the Outlaw Pulling Series. After high school he will be attending a three-month college and then after continuing with his trucking business along with opening up his own welding and fabrication shop.

“A major impact that helped me gain a lot of skill was in tech with Mr. “Mac”. I loved taking all of his classes. He taught me such skills as taking pride in your work and taking your time to provide a quality product. I really enjoyed going to Tech Wars and competing with other schools. It provided a positive skill of interacting with others not to mention doing that I enjoy. Mac always made the class fun along with teaching many helpful employability skills used on everyday jobsites.”

2019 Honor Seniors

Emma Baker is the daughter of Anne and William Baker. She has been active in National Honor Society, drama club, varsity swimming and is a Student Lead Team member. She has worked as a lifeguard at Wayland-Cohocton and the Lawrence Park and Recreation Area. Emma plans to attend SUNY Purchase as an undeclared major and minoring in Spanish.

“I would like to thank all of my friends and teachers who have made my time here at Wayland-Cohocton so memorable. I will never forget the hilarious nights we had at drama Club or the friendships I have made through the swim program. I am going to miss everyone greatly.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Morgan Burritt is the daughter of Kimberly Burritt and Richard Burritt. She was a member of the cross country team. She is attending Canisius College to study biology.

“Cross country has taught me how to have determination and persistence in everything I do and the band and art classes I took were always my favorite part of the day.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Cheyanne Carney is the daughter of Angie and Jereme Carney. Cheyanne participated in the Freshman Mentoring program for two years, the Eagle Pals program for three years and has competed with volleyball since seventh grade. During the off season, Cheyenne competed with a club volleyball team in Hornell. She is employed at the Wayland Food Mart.

Cheyenne will be attending SUNY Geneseo in the fall majoring in early childhood special education, in hopes of fulfilling her dream of being a teacher for children with disabilities.

“I really enjoyed being part of the Eagle Pals program and taking the time to help children learn, and learning about them and myself in the process. It was a great program that helped elementary students build strong relationships with older students and be their mentor and friend for a good portion of the school year. It made me feel really good to be a part of something that was so meaningful to the younger students and strengthened my passion for teaching and helping children which will definitely help me in college.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Connor Englert is the son of Jeffrey and Kimberly Englert. Connor has been an outstanding athlete in football, basketball and baseball. He has also volunteered with the Eagle Pals program. Connor will be attending Alfred University to study athletic training where he will also be playing football.

“I will always remember all the coaches I had throughout the years, Mr. Lynah’s and Mr. Miller’s sense of humor and Mrs. Jester’s warming personality.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Hannah James is the daughter of Jamie James. She has competed in varsity softball, soccer and basketball. She also participates on a travel softball team.  She will attend SUNY Cortland to study psychology.

“The softball program had an impact on me. It has taught me how to work hard for something and have it pay off like when we won league champs and sectionals. It has also taught me what it is to have a family that is not blood.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Garrett Kelledy is the son of Tawny Kelledy and Todd Kelledy. Garrett has competed in soccer, indoor and outdoor track and tennis. He attended Boys State as well.

He will be going to Finger Lakes Community College to study conservation with hopes of one day becoming a state trooper.

“Mr. McLaughlin has continuously impacted my time throughout high school with our daily talks and lectures. Every day he has spent time giving me life lessons and skills. Today I’m proud to say that I now have a job as a timber framer and will forever remember that he is the one that began my love for word working.”  

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Austin Mark is the son of Christopher and Lindsey Mark. He has participated in band and competed with baseball. He is employed by Bennett Carey Collision. Austin will attend SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry as a forest resources conversation major with hopes of becoming an environmental conservation officer.

“My friends always have an impact on me because they always make every day interesting. It’s always nice to hang out, have fun and relax with them.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Evyn Meldrum is the daughter of Elise and Pierre Meldrum. She has been an active member of yearbook club and National Honor Society. She has competed in varsity swimming and softball, and one year with basketball. She plans to attend SUNY Brockport to major in Earth Science.

“I love all the teachers, we have a really great support system here. Our campus is beautiful and I would not want to graduate anywhere but here. Thank you dearly to all the teachers that have had to deal with me.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Tristen Merrill is the daughter of Brianna and Nick Merrill. She is active National Honor Society. Before moving to Wayland-Cohocton Tristen competed in softball and girls track in Mt. Morris. She has been working with Mrs. Curtin with All Dressed Up and sometimes helps on Saturdays in the green house taking care of plants with Mr. Hatch.

Tristen is going to SUNY Alfred for two years to be a veterinarian technician.

“I would have to say that the teacher that has had the biggest impact on me is Mrs. Kurtz because she has encouraged me to work my hardest during art and she’s always there for me to talk to when I’m upset, then the other teacher, well technically she’s my counselor, is Mrs. Billotte. I always go to her whenever I have an issue and I love to go and spend a period catching up with her; she has helped me out a lot for college information.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Ashley Page is the daughter of Tony Sterner and Todd Page. She has competed in varsity soccer, indoor track and outdoor track. She plans to study biology at Alfred University with the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. She will also be on the track and field team at Alfred University.

“The athletic program at WC has had a significant impact on my time here. Being part of the varsity soccer team since freshman year has taught me the values of teamwork and communication while varsity indoor and outdoor track has taught me how to be motivated and determined. These things have helped prepare me for the real world.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Leeann Perkowski is the daughter of Deeann and Edward Perkowski, Jr. She has been the captain of the varsity volleyball squad and president of National Honor Society. She also operates an organization she started in sixth grade called Students 4 Soldiers which is a donation drive she holds twice a year at Wayland-Cohocton and Dansville schools. The donations are put into care packages and sent to local service men and women serving both stateside and overseas.

Leeann plans on attending Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Art and Design in the fall as an interior design major with hopes to become a corporate interior designer or project manager.

“Every moment I have spent in the art wing in the high school has been significant to me. Expressing myself through art his how I found a piece of who I am and I will cherish the memories I have with my fellow arts friends and amazing teachers. Mrs. Elizabeth Kurtz and Mrs. Jennifer Bauman, I owe so much of my life to you. Thank you to WCCS for preparing me for my future and to the Art Department for helping me discover what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Owen Snyder is the son of Bobbi Jo House. Owen has been active participating in National Honor Society as the treasurer, Leader In Me, with drama club as an actor and treasurer, yearbook club, Interscholastic Competition in English, band, marching band, Eagle Pals and Close-Up. He has competed in cross country, swimming and tennis and served as captain in all three sports.

Owen has worked as the assistant head lifeguard at Stony Brook State Park, as a lifeguard at WC and assisted small children learning to swim. He has volunteered as an Executive Elf with the Santa Hat Society and at the veterans’ home.

Owen will be attending Niagara University majoring in political science and participating in Army ROTC. After completing his service in the Army he plans to attend law school to become a JAG officer in the military.

“Honestly, it would be impossible to pick just one thing that has impacted by time here at WC so much. From all the sports and teammates, to the teachers, coaches and staff; to the activities and adventures I have had here, nothing outweighs the other. My high school experience was the best it could have been, simply because it was here at WC. Not saying it was perfect, but I would not have wanted it to be anywhere but here.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Caleb Allison is the son of Seth and Valerie Allison. He has competed in varsity swimming, cross country and tennis. He was also a Close-Up participant. Caleb has a job at WalMart.

Caleb will be attending SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry majoring in wildlife science with the goal of becoming a DEC officer.

“Thanks Mr. Craig for keeping this school in pristine condition. It made my learning experience better.”

 2019 Honor Seniors

Everett Davison is the son of Kenneth and Karin Davison. He has been a member of National Honor Society, Freshman Mentoring, Eagle Pals, band, marching band, PTSA and Close-Up. He has served as class treasurer as well. He has competed in varsity golf and swimming.

Everett has also been active in Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout), Hornell Area Wind Ensemble, the Odd Combination private jazz band and summer enrichment. He has also volunteered with CURE Childhood Cancer in Rochester.

Everett will be attending St. Lawrence University double-majoring in history and psychology and minoring in secondary education. He aims to be a professional in the field of education.

“Two teachers who have left a profound impact on me during my time at WC are Tim Lynah and Jeff Giordano. They have been great role models for me and they are what I essentially strive to be in a professional setting. As an educator, I aim to leave the same impact on my students as they have left on me.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Mackenzie Kota (Salutatorian) is the daughter of Nicola Kota and John Magee. She has competed in soccer, indoor and outdoor track and golf. She has volunteered at the food pantry and had various summer-time employment experiences.

Mackenzie will be attending Ithaca College to study in the communications program (television and radio).

“I would like to thank all of my teachers throughout the years for all of their time and dedication to all of the students at WC. I would also like to thank the athletic program and all of my coaches for pushing me to be a better athlete and a better person. Finally, a big shout out to my family for all of their support.”

Class of 2019 Honor Senior

Makala Meyers (Valedictorian) is the daughter of Dave and Erica (stepmother) Meyers and Heather Meyers and Scott Padden (stepfather).  Makala has been active in National Honor society and competed in varsity Alpine ski, softball and tennis. She has studied the viola and piano outside of school. Makala is a volunteer at Loon Lake Wetlands Preserve and the Hornell Humane Society. She also volunteers for Wayland Youth Softball.

Makala will attend Virginia Wesleyan University, double-majoring in biology and music. With the biology degree she hopes to go to medical school to become an oncologist.

“I have had many teachers that have made a significant impact on my high school career. Mr. Ronan has influenced my passion for music, Mr. G (Giordano) has influenced my interest in government and history, and Mr. Lynah has helped me make many important decisions. Close-Up is by far one of my favorite high school programs.”

Class of 2019 Honor Seniors

Cole West is the son of Brian and Wendy West. Cole has played varsity football. He plans to attend St. Bonaventure to study biology.

“Varsity football taught me not to be soft, and to enjoy every moment.”


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