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Check out the #WCCSMS
Wayland-Cohocton Middle School Principal Jeremy Lonneville is challenging his teachers to share all of the incredible learning and growing happening in  the middle school Twitter allows for a brief text sharing  and some photo posting as a quick way to communicate activities, upcoming events and learning celebrations. 

According to, Twitter and Tweeting is about broadcasting short burst messages to the world, with the hope that your messages are useful and interesting to someone else. With the 280 character limit per tweet, writers must be focused in their post and include pertinent information quickly and colorfully. You don't need to have smartphone to use Twitter. The application can be accessed through your personal computer as well. 

Community members who are Twitter users can check out the posts of any teacher by using #WCCSMS in the search line of Twitter. Any posting made by a Wayland-Cohocton Middle School Teacher will include the hashtag nomenclature cataloguing the information together for an easy search. Mr. Lonneville is encouraging MS faculty and staff to utilize Twitter once a day. 
Still not sure what a hashtag is? According to Google Dictionary a a hash·tag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic, in this case, middle school learning celebrations. The hashtag being used is a kind of file, that sorts information tagged with that hashtag, in this case #WCCSMS. Interested users can simply search for that hashtag and locate any information any faculty or staff posts from the middle school. You don't need to be following a particular teacher. This makes this new resource a great application for those community members who may not have any children attending school, but are interested in seeing what the student are learning. 

Wayland-Cohocton High School Principal Eileen Feinman is also currently using Twitter to share school news and educational inspiration for teachers and staff under her own name. 

Twitter is another great way the district is utilizing social media to reach families and community members. Join the fun - See the tweets and check out the hashtag! (#WCCSMS)

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