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CAPITAL PROJECT UPDATE: Progress underway as weather warms

Building project activity on the Wayland campus is beginning to pick up with the increased good weather. There is steady progress on the team facility at the back of the school property near the track. This structure will provide facilities for outdoor activities including track and field and football etc.  It also includes storage for team equipment.

The LGI parking lot is blocked off and building supplies are beginning to arrive. The steady of flow of materials and equipment will continue over the next few months as the project begins preparations for the demolition (and eventual reconstruction) of the auditorium. Demolition will begin after the close of classes in June. In the meantime, infrastructure such as electric is being prepared for that process.

Some interior work is beginning to get underway as well as some offices and classrooms will be relocated and remodeled to increase accessibility for the public and efficiency within the school program.

Over the next few months a great deal will be happening on the Wayland campus and the district asks the community’s patience as parking lots are moved, access to the buildings are altered and safety barricades are erected. While the immediate inconvenience may seem bothersome, the long term development of a beautiful useful facilities will be worth the trouble.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the district at (585) 728-2211.

Author: Melonie Coley   E-Mail: