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Wayland-Cohocton buses return to the roads Thursday; Watch out for those walking too
School busThursday morning, September 5 school opens for Wayland-Cohocton students, and of course the big yellow buses return to the roads. Families are reminded that transportation schedules can be a little off the first few days as new and sometimes hesitant students board their buses and kinks are worked out of schedules. Please be ready in plenty of time to catch the bus and understand that your bus may be a few minutes off its typical schedule, particularly the first few day of classes. 

Motorists in the district, and everywhere, are reminded it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus. Those extended red STOP signs are there for a purpose - our students' safety. School bus drivers and the district work to create the safest possible transportation opportunities for Wayland-Cohocton students, but so much is dependent on the alertness of the other motorists on the road. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT AND YOUR SPEEDS DOWN. Remember, bus stops may be particularly slow the first week or so as youngsters acclimate to the experiences of riding the bus. Please be patient and give yourself some extra travel time in the mornings to help reduce the urge to pass or speed up around school bus traffic. 

Not all of our children ride buses. Particularly in nice fall weather a number of kids will walk to and from school and not all of them will remember to cross at the crosswalks. In New York State, pedestrians should be given the right-of-way at all crosswalks, Reduced speed zones exist at both campuses with the intent of helping slow the traffic and busy intersections and drop-off zones. Please obey those speed zones - a moment's impatience can have detrimental consequences. 

Because of construction on the Wayland campus and changes to available parking, families dropping off and picking up students may see an increased amount of traffic. Not only will there be school traffic, there will be construction traffic. Please obey any signs throughout the year - which may change periodically - directing traffic flow and parking procedures. It is imperative that families follow the drop-off and pick-up directions established by their children's buildings. While they may not always seem like the easiest route, these patterns are established to increase the safety of WC students and staff. Please also respect locked doors and building check-in procedures. Holding doors open and propping doors that are otherwise locked can compromise campus security. 

If you have questions about transportation, drop-off/pick-up procedures, walking rules or anything else please contact your child's building or the transportation department. Everyone at Wayland-Cohocton hopes the start of the 2019-2020 school year is a wonderful one! 

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