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Community asked to be vigilant about safety at bus stops and with walking students

Recently we have seen social media posts within the borders of our school district, and reports made to authorities in the surrounding region, about white vans approaching children who are waiting for school buses, boarding or headed back home. 

Wayland-Cohocton is alerting its bus drivers to keep an eye out for such activity. The district asks that you be diligent in watching your children while waiting for the bus. Ideally, waiting with them is the safest but that is not always a possibility in rural settings, during the winter months, particularly when there are younger siblings. The district asks that anyone seeing suspicions activity around or near children to contact 911 and to, if possible without creating a dangerous situation, record information like vehicle type and license number. It is imperative that reports are made to 911 and even more so that as much information as possible is given to the authorities. 

The community at large is also asked to keep an eye out in your own neighborhoods, particularly at times when students are walking to and from school, for any irregular, awkward or suspicious activity. 

While as a community, we like to think of our small-town living as a place of safety, but in reality human trafficking is a growing concern. No child is required to walk home. As a district we work diligently to be certain that kids are arriving where they are supposed to and to the people that are responsible for caring for them. We need your help. While none of us want to live in constant fear, it is imperative that we keep our eyes out for own children and for others. 

Thank you for your assistance. 

Author: Melonie Coley   E-Mail: