eagles Spotlight

Trevor Donlon

Senior Trevor Donlon is recognized as a Golden Eagle for sharing his musical talents with his peers in the high school and students in the elementary school. Thank you Trevor!

Cheyenne Capezza

Sophomore Cheyenne Capezza is a Golden Eagle for helping a new student in Global class get acclimated and manage using a new chrome book. Thank you Cheyenne!

Golden Eagle Students

This week's Golden Eagle Student recognition award goes to Luke Celentano, Brady Knudsen, Preston Price and Mason Hillier. These four displayed leadership and good character when they cleaned up a mess that they didn't create in the pavilion area making an easier job for the cafeteria employees.

Hunter Tucker

High School Freshman Hunter Tucker is being recognized as an outstanding student for stepping out of his comfort zone and joining the Varsity Cross County Team. Hunter also exhibits a positive attitude on a daily basis in the classroom. He is always friendly with peers and is helpful and courteous.

Mr. Geoffrey Hurley

Mr. Geoffrey Hurley will serve as HS Assistant Principal. "My primary goal is to help create a learning environment that is exciting and engaging for all students and invigorates a school culture that is rich in history and enthusiasm." For more see the NEWS section above.

Robert Toland, Coordinator of Athletics, Fitness and Aquatics

"My primary goal as Coordinator of Athletics, Fitness and Aquatics is to provide WC students and our community members with an exceptional experience, top-notch facilities and promising opportunities through athletics." Mr. Toland, Coordinator of Athletics, Fitness & Aquatics.