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Dear Wayland-Cohocton Students, Families & Community: 

Welcome to the Wayland-Cohocton Health and Wellness resource page. While we hope many of the resources you need on a daily basis can be found here, we also understand that caring for the health and wellness of our families can be difficult and confusing at times. We want to reassure you that we are here to make sure that your child’s health needs are addressed so that their learning is not hindered or interrupted. We work cooperatively with family physicians when necessary, provide routine screening for our students, maintain and track enrollment requirements such as vaccinations and physical health requirements, manage illness and injuries in the buildings and provide information to families about community health events that require us to do so. The Middle School and High School nurses are also an integral part of the process for student participation in athletic activities and competitive sports. 

We hope that you will reach out to us with questions when answers can’t be found here. All of your questions are worthy of answers. 

We look forward to speaking with you and hope we can help you and your family have success and healthy experience at Wayland-Cohocton. 

The Wayland-Cohocton Health & Wellness Team

Important Notices:

Wayland-Cohocton Staff: Check out spring health training from Mr. Manne in your email or go to: https://5il.co/2hgf0

H&W Team Members:

WC Prekindergarten School Nurse
& Attendance:
Brandi Bruen, RN
(585) 384-9598

WC Elementary School Nurse:
Mary Lou McKelvey, RN
(585) 728-2091

WC Middle School Nurse:
Geena Huber, RN
(585) 728-3006

WC High School Nurse:
Elaine Imhof, RN
(585) 728-2796

H&W Support Team:
These individuals serve as subsitutes or additional coverage in times of need. You will be sometimes speak with them in the offices when other nurses are absent or otherwise occupied.

Christie Whitman, RN
Lindsey Karnes, RN

WC Prekindergarten Attendance:
Brandi Bren
(585) 384-9598

WC Elementary School Attendance
Bridey Scott
(585) 213-4368

WC Middle School Attendance:
Derrick Balinsky
(585) 213-4339

WC High School Attendance:
Jessica Trischler
(585) 213-4335