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MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th: This afternoon, Wayland-Cohocton Elementary students will bring home a current Emergency Contact Information data sheet for adults to review.  This paper includes the most recent contact information the district has for students.  Contact information is used to reach families and care providers for school emergencies and closures, assisting a sick child, and providing the list of approved individuals to pick up children from school for any reason.

Families are asked to look over the information to make sure it is correct and up to date. If there needs to be changes, parents should make the changes on the sheet, sign, and return to school.  If no changes are needed, please just sign and return.  Please have children return the form directly to their teachers.  WC Elementary hopes to have all forms returned by this Friday, December 15th.

Mr. Carhart and Mr. B thank everyone for assisting Wayland-Cohocton Elementary in keeping students safe and families connected to school.