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In order for Wayland-Cohocton families to qualify for free or reduced meals (breakfast and lunch), they must complete the application for the 2022-2023 school year. Links to applications appear on the left column of this page. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible to guarantee that they are processed in time for the opening of school in September 2022. LEGISLATION WAS NOT APPROVED CONTINUING FREE MEALS FOR ALL STUDENTS AS DURING COVID-RESPONSE PROGRAMS IN PREVIOUS YEARS.

Meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year: 

  • BREAKFAST: K-12: $1.50

  • LUNCH: PreK-4: $2.15; Grades 5-12: $2.40

  • Reduced Meals K-12: $0

  • PreK-12 Milk: $0.35

We encourage all families, particularly those meeting the income guidelines to complete the application. Completing the application and qualifying, regardless of whether or not your children will be eating at school impacts the school in various other ways.

  • If the Wayland-Cohocton School District free and reduced meal program participation, based on qualifying residents, reaches the necessary percentage of residents, the district will qualify for free meals for ALL students, regardless of income. This program can be very advantageous to families whose income falls right at the cut-off and may not qualify, but would certainly benefit from the program.

  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program qualifying rates can impact the district's eligibility for other educational and financial programs as well as impact State Aid rates.

For these reasons, it is beneficial to the District if families who qualify for the program complete the application even if they are not going to have their children purchase meals at school.  So, even if your child is planning on packing a lunch, all families should complete the application as a way to have access to free or reduced meals later, should the need arise. For families, who don’t currently qualify, but may experience income changes during the school year, you may complete the application for free and reduced meals at any point during the year. If you have other concerns please contact Connie Hoffman at 585-213-4315  to discuss your application. Wayland-Cohocton wants to insure its community members:

  1. Applications and the information on them are kept confidential. The Food Service Manager evaluates the qualifications of the applying family to determine if the family qualifies and reports only whether or not qualification has been reached.

  2. Meals are served to children the same, regardless of how they are paying for their meals. When students pay for their meals, all students provide only their student ID number to the cashier.

  3. Students who are receiving free and reduced meals are still able to add funds to student meal accounts for extra items like ice cream and additional meal items.

Following the submission of the application, families will receive confirmation whether they have qualified for the program.

Helpful Links: 

If you require these documents in another language, please contact Connie Hoffman at choffman@wccsk12.org or 585-213-4315.