Advanced Placement & College Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offered at WCCS

AP Calculus AB
AP US Government & Politics
AP European History
AP Psychology

All students who take AP courses will earn a weighted score of 1.1 on their high school transcript.
For example: If a student earns an 80% for a grade than it is weighted 1.1 so on the transcript it will show as 88%. All students who take AP courses are also required to take the AP exam in May. Depending on how the student performs and which college and major they choose, the student may earn college credit for the class.

There is a cost to take AP exams. The cost changes from year-to-year: Advanced Placement Course Online Information

Accelerated College Enrollment (ACE Courses) offered at WCCS

ACE is a concurrent enrollment program in which high school students take college courses at their high school and earn college credit through Corning Community College (CCC) or Genesee Community College (GCC). All courses are taught at the student's high school by high school faculty who have the appropriate degree and credentials required by CCC and GCC to be approved as adjunct instructors.


ACE Biology4 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE College Business Professionalism3 creditssophomores - seniors
ACE College English 13 creditsseniors only
ACE College English 23 creditsseniors only
ACE College Music Theory3 creditssophomores - seniors
ACE College Statistic4 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE Essentials in Art3 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE French IV4 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE French V4 creditsseniors
ACE Fundamentals of Music3 creditssophomores - seniors
ACE Moderated English 13 creditsseniors only
ACE Pre-Calculus3 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE Personal Budgeting1 creditsophomore - seniors
ACE Spanish IV4 creditsjuniors and seniors
ACE Spanish V4 creditsseniors
ACE Chemistry4 creditsjuniors and seniors

* There is no currently no charge for Corning Community College Courses fo rhigh school students

Courses offered through GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE 

Health Academy (Application Process: Seniors Only)

Cell Biology3 credits
Responding to Emergencies3 credits
Health & Career Planning 3 credits
Introduction Living Healthy3 credits
General Psychology3 credits
Medical Terminology3 credits

WC also offers the following GCC course

ACE Introduction to Psychology3 creditsjuniors and seniors

For more information please visit the  GCC website.

All students who take ACE courses will earn a weighted score of 1.1 on their high school transcripts. For example, if a student earns an 80$, it is then weighted 1:1 so on the report card will show as 88%.